Unique was created in August 2011. As conceived by its founder, the main objective of the brand - the creation of a brand that will be a good brand for the best fragrances of selective perfumes and collections of niche perfumery. The principle of company - a combination of the classic high quality service and creative approach of fragrance choices. It creates a special atmosphere for each of the guests: it inspires not only to "try on" the fragrance, but also to join its culture.
We give the key to your innermost desires, and "following the senses", allow you to learn new pleasures and new experiences - through fragrance of Unique niche perfume brand.
Chingiz decided to take his own talents to the full through the creation of his own company and create Unique fragrances, he values the quality and uses the high quality ingredients and original methods of creation.
As an independent artist, his work is not associated with limitations; Chingiz carefully formulates his creations, following only the inspiration of his heart and deep emotions.
He currently lives and practices his art at his studio in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Today, the perfumery house stands as evidence of the creation of Chingiz Salam. It offers visitors from around the world the opportunity to come and experience the joy of a wonderful fragrance.


Persistent scents